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CMO Designer Knits


In 1987 at Bartlesville, Oklahoma, CMO Designer Knits grew out of years of honing my skills of crochet, hand-knitting and hand-loomed knits with the always present love for creating something unique, with quality yarns and “one of a kind” for everyone in the family and all sizes including plus size knitted clothing.. As I have continued marketing CMO Designer Knits at my shop, in the tristate area Arts and Craft shows, and in more recent years over the internet, it has become a brand associated with artistic innovation combined with quality yarns, luxury or easy care, with many repeat customers.

CMO Designer Knits offers a wide range of items such as wraps, shawls, Quilt-Knit Jackets/Vests, fiber jewelry, luxury accessories, purses, sweaters for all seasons, baby/children knitted items plus items for the home, especially custom knitting seasonal items. With me, you have offed a diverse collection of creations. If you want a custom order item, you can just contact me. Hand finishing and quality yarns offers visually appealing and durable creations – perfect for multi-seasonal usage and heirloom and collectible value! You can order our creations by phone, e-mail or Etsy. Customer service is one of my guiding principles also. Now check out my collection of current Creations and Like me on Facebook to have my newest creations to see my newest creations.


Hand knitted, crocheted, hand-loomed & hand-crafted fiber art creations from quality yarns are still considered special items that brighten up someone’s day. Around the world, people use these items as that unique gift or the special apparel not found in the mass-produced markets. With the help of the internet you can now purchase these creations with just a few clicks. There are hundreds of sites to choose from but nothing beats the quality and uniqueness offered by modern artisans. So if you want one-of-a-kind, quality creations and apparel, my business, CMO Designer Knits, is the one you can count on.

Within My Collections you will find a wide range items I create – from sweaters for all ages and all sizes including plus sizes, all seasons and occasions, wraps and ponchos, unique accessories from purses to hats to fiber jewelry, and items for the home for daily use and holidays or seasonal. Also owning a yarn shop, Carrico’s Creative Corner, I have a wide selections of quality yarns available to create with and the ability to make a design many different ways and at different cost levels. Everything in My Collections are available for sale but most are one of a kind so when they are sold, a new unique version will be created and posted. Personalization or creating a motif unique to the recipient is one way I offer to customize an order. My Gallery is where I place pictures of my past creations and I suggest as a source of inspiration for the custom orders.

Cmo Designer Knits is the solution to your hand-knit, hand-loomed & crocheted needs. Call us today, to buy or place a special order.

"Luxury doesn't have to be expensive - pure luxury is knowing there is only one in the world, and you own it."